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Sculpture, Restoration and Art Casting

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Architectural Restoration
Smooth-On products have been used around the world for over 60 years to restore old or create new architectural elements. Smooth-On mold rubbers are easy to use and offer maximum versatility for any restoration project. We offer mold rubbers based on urethane or silicone technology. Choose How You Want To Apply The Rubber: Mold rubber can be brushed-on, poured-on, pressed on by hand or sprayed onto original ornament.
Molds rubber has been used also  to reproduce sculpture all over the world ranging in size from less than 1" ( 2.54 cm) to almost 400 feet high (120 m). Today, Smooth-On urethane and silicone rubbers are used by thousands of sculptors and foundries for casting wax, resins, plaster, concrete and other sculpture materials to make accurate reproductions of original sculpture.

Project Specific - Smooth-On's wide range includes mold rubbers that can be poured on, brushed on, sprayed on or pressed on to any original sculpture and will reproduce detail perfectly. Reproductions can be cast in urethane plastic, epoxy resin, plaster, concrete, and more.

We offer everything you need to do it yourself, including the best technical help available anywhere. We can also refer you to pros that can do it for you.

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