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maker pro paint
new scenic paint design system!
properly applied paints are
highly abrasion/scratch resistant,
UV lightfast and weather resistant.
Maker Pro Paints are “public space” safe
and certify to the highest flame rating available;
ASTM E-84, Class A.
alien clay 
new clay serie available in three different
hardeness (soft, medium and hard), 
reusable and sulfur-free!
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Founded in 1895, Smooth-On, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of silicones, polyurethane and epoxies, adhesives, foams, release agents and other innovative materials. The company covers 34,400 square meters and includes laboratories, R&D, warehouses, administrative offices, a shop and areas for courses and training. Smooth-On materials are used in the medical sector for the production of prostheses and mannequins, cinematographic as in the films of Harry Potter, Star Wars, the Hobbit, Iron Man, James Bond, Aliens and The Walking Dead, in the construction sector and in many other.


For over 100 years, the Chavant company has been producing top quality plasticines that do not contain sulphur. The founder Claude Chavant, a French chemist, developed the original formulas in 1892, and these have been modified over the years to meet the changing needs of sculptors and to keep pace with technological innovations. Today Chavant offers a wide variety of sulphur-free clays such as NSP, Le Beau Touche and Clayette, castilene, phyllite and several series of modeling mirettes. These products are used by sculptors in Fine Arts, Special Effects / StageProps, and many other fields.


Buddy Rhodes provides the materials, mixes, and training for creating concrete countertops and other concrete crafts.

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