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buddy rhodes mix materials
Blends of modified cements

Buddy Rhodes offers various blends of modified cements that can be used in paste, spray or casting form. These premixes already contain powdered polymers and are very easy to use by just adding fibers and thinners.

The mixes are:

  • Vertical Mix
  • Bone Paste
  • Craftsman Mix is a great product for DIYers and professional artisans alike. It is an artisan concrete blend designed to exhibit clay like properties in the wet state. Create concrete countertops, concrete planters, architectural concrete elements, concrete sculptures, etc.
  • GFRC Preblended Concrete Mix can be sprayed, poured, pressed, or troweled. Fibers are not preblended into our GFRC mix, so that you can select the fiber combination and load rate that suits your needs. There are also no larger aggregates in the mix, making it an ideal base to add decorative aggregates to, or to build a specific custom recipe from. The mix can be used to create many different looks; from a clean, almost machined finish to one with beautiful depth and movement.
  • ECC blended mixes produce a very dense and strong concrete which is more likely to bend than break. Combine with reinforcement fibers and water reducer to create workabilities that range from taffy to clay to pancake batter.
 CRAFTSMAN MIX, GFRC BLENDED MIX e ECC BLENDED MIX are available just for specific order.