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Maker Pro Paint
Scenic Design Paint System

Maker Pro Paints are industrial-grade scenic design paints developed for rigorous themed environment applications at amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, etc. where outdoor durability is critical. Properly applied paints are highly abrasion/scratch resistant, UV lightfast and weather resistant. Maker Pro Paints are “public space” safe and certify to the highest flame rating available; ASTM E-84, Class A. This paints are available in 18 different colors that could be mixed to create custom colors in order to produce the desired effect for your castings. Furthermore there are 12 fluorescent color and 2 Blacklight Clear Top-Coatings that give either a gloss or matte finish. The Maker Pro Paint Fluorescent Color Collection offers the same advantages as the Standard Color Collection including being water-based with no VOCs and a flame rating of E-84, Class A. They are compatible with the Adhesion Promoter and the Flex Additive for maximum adhesion to rigid and flexible substrates.
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